Applied Plasma Technologies

Applied Plasma Technologies (APT) develops and manufactures plasma assisted combustion systems for reliable ignition, flame control, clean and stable combustion of different fuels in gas turbines, high speed propulsion systems, boilers, technological burners, flare stacks, chemical plants, landfills. APT also conducts research and development in some new fields as gaseous, liquid and solid fuels reformation and hydrogen production, high purity silicon production, waste into power processing, non-equilibrium plasma coating and surface treatment, plasma aerodynamics, air and water treatment, IC engine improvements.

  • Plasma Generation and Modeling
  • Plasma Flame Control
  • Fuel Reformation and Activation
  • Plasma Flow Dynamics
  • Plasma Kinetics
  • Electric Propulsion
  • Power Sources
  • New Plasma Effects and Perspective Applications
  • Coal, Bio-mass, and Waste Gasification
  • Processing into Energy and Chemicals
  • Plasma Treatment for Coatings and Surface Modification
  • Plasma Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Advanced plasma physics
  • Space - space plasma physics
  • Space - plasma astrophysics
  • Fusion - high energy density physics
  • Fusion - magnetic confinement
  • Fusion - alternate concepts
  • Propulsion in Space
  • Photolithography
  • Hypersonic flight

Applied Plasma Technologies Conference Speakers

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