Chemistry of Plasma with liquids

Plasma in liquids usually has high dielectric constants and high dielectric strength than gas phases which are useful in various biological, environmental and medical technologies. The process of using plasma in liquids is followed by electric breakdown of liquids is initiated by the application of high electric field on the electrode, followed by rapid propagation and branching of plasma channels. Typically plasmas are only considered to exist through the ionization of gases and typical production of plasmas in liquids generates bubbles through heating or via cavitation and sustains the plasmas within those bubbles.
  • Plasma water treatment
  • Plasma Sources for Plasma-Liquid Systems
  • Diagnostics of Plasma-Liquid Systems
  • Modeling of Plasma-Liquid Systems
  • Plasma Activated Liquids
  • Plasma Liquid Advanced Oxidation Processes
  • Synthesis of Nanoparticles in Plasma-Liquid Systems
  • Material Processing by Plasmas with Liquids
  • Plasma-Liquid Systems for Agriculture
  • Plasma-Liquid Systems for Medicine

Chemistry of Plasma with liquids Conference Speakers

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