Plasma Medicine and Plasma biology

The number of potential applications of non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure discharges in biology and medicine has grown and activity in this direction lead to the formation of a new field in plasma chemistry titled 'Plasma Medicine'. Some examples of medical applications of plasma are the use of plasma in the treatment of dental cavities, sterilization of various surfaces, treatment of skin diseases, delicate surgeries and many other applications. It is now clear that these plasmas can have not only physical (e.g. burning the tissue) but also medically relevant therapeutic effects; plasmas can trigger a complex sequence of biological responses in tissues and cells. The development of actual commercial tools that will enter the hospital, and in finding novel and perhaps even unexpected uses of these plasmas, an understanding of the mechanisms of interaction of non-equilibrium gas discharges with living organisms, tissues and cells becomes essential.
  • Medical treatment with plasmas
  • Plasma-cell and plasma-tissue interactions, biological reactions
  • Plasma-based sterilization/decontamination
  • Agricultural and food applications of plasmas
  • Pharmaceutical applications with plasmas
  • Biochemical/Bimolecular engineering with plasmas
  • Fundamentals of atmospheric plasmas
  • Plasma sources for biomedical applications
  • Plasma and liquid diagnostics and sensors
  • Modeling and numerical simulations
  • Oxygen plasma treatment

Plasma Medicine and Plasma biology Conference Speakers

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