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George Paskalov
George Paskalov
Company CEO, Plasma Microsystem
Plasma Microsystems LLC

George Paskalov completed his Ph.D. (Plasma Processing and Installations) from Technical University, St.-Petersburg, 1986 Master of Science (Electrical Engineering) Technical University, St.-Petersburg, 1982,In the year 1994 he worked at Technical University, St-Petersburg, Russia as Chair of Electrotechnics, Associated Professor,From 1994-1999 he worked as President, CEO and Sr. Scientist at Plasma Plus Inc., Los Angeles,From 1999 – 2003 worked at UCLA Plasma Physics Lab as Research Scientist,From 2001 – 2006 he worked at Hydro Enterprise Chief Scientist,From 2002 – 2010 worked at The Polymet Company LLC, as Chief Scientist,Up to 2012 he worked at TOSS Plasma Technologies Director and Chief Scientist and at present he is working as Plasma Microsystems LLC as CEO

Research Interest

George Paskalov experienced and interested in technology research and development,Expertise in plasma technology and applications in material processing, hazardous waste treatment, plasma sterilization; ore processing, plasma gasification; plasma sintering; water plasma processing, plasma spray processing, material characterization, statistical design and analyses of experiments,Expertise in the application of low temperature (vacuum) gas discharge plasma for modification of surface properties of various materials (sterilization; etching, sputtering, PCVD etc,Engineering and project management skill in various aspects of research, development and implementation of new technological processes (thermo-dynamic and macro-kinetics analyses, experiment planning, heat and mass transfer investigation).,Expertise in the design and construction of RF and Arc plasma torches and reactors; waste to energy systems; plasma spray processing; metallic and ceramic sprayed coatings; pulse modulated thermal plasma; electro-dynamic analyses of physical processes, experimentation and plasma process scale-up, Expertise in the basic physics: ion acceleration, isotope separation.

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